Thing That Will Determine How Long Your Guinea Pigs Lives.


When many people hear the word guinea Pig, the picture that comes to their mind are the real pigs. But did you know that the Guinea Pig also called the cavy is not even in the pig’s family? Surprisingly they are not also from the guineas family too. Guinea pigs are just small rodents the weighing around 1000-1200 grammes and only 8-12 inches in size when mature. Most guinea pigs live between 4-8 years with the highest age ever recorded been 15 years, However as in the case with most living things especially animals good health will always determine the life expectancy. If they are taken good care of they may live quiet a long time. For instance feeding them with timothy hay is very recommendable as apart from feeding on the grass they also make nests or play with it. Plant matter is also useful as it contains some vitamins that may not be present in the hay. However, too much of it may lead to diarrhoea so it should be well balanced. The guinea pigs also love fruits such as apples and melons, blueberries and grapes which are an excellent source of vitamin c. Sometimes the love we have for this creatures may result to us ending up killing them ourselves. Sometimes we may be so bonded to this cute creature to an extent we forget that they are animals not human like us and start feeding them on foods that we like. If you are used to this, then you may be killing your guinea pig. Here are some of the foods that should be avoided: chocolates, corns, iceberg lettuce, meat, biscuits, chips and daily products. This food may pose some serious health complications later so just get rid of them.Good medical care also determines how long the guinea pigs will live. With their life expectancy not being very long, then you can imagine how worse it can get if proper care is not provided. Guinea pigs are known to have common conditions such as malocclusion or slobbers whereby the teeth grow too long with time making it impossible for them to feed. Taking into consideration that these animals are rodents and use their front teeth to chew, then you can imagine the risk the disorder poses to the life of the guinea pig. you may have veterinarian have the teeth physically aligned as this is the only way the guinea pig will survive.Other killer conditions that one should immediately attend to include, any respiratory problem, signs of tumours, swellings filled with pus (abscesses), urinary problem and skin problems which may indicate the presence of parasites.
Apart from the diet and medication, the guinea deserves a proper shelter away from too much heat which may increase chances of stroke. The cages should also be clean and dry to make the guinea pigs comfortable.The life span of these creatures mostly depends on us thus should do whatever it takes to keep them alive as long as we can by proper care regarding nutrition, health, and shelter.

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